• Visa : There are various categories of visa, and obtaining one is a crucial step in the immigration process for the employee and his or her family. We take care of everything, which will reduce the time it takes to obtain the visa.

  • Work permit : Obtaining the work permit is a particularly complicated and delicate point. When an employee is taken on, whether as an immigrant or emigrant, it cannot be to the detriment of the local workforce, which is why each file will be examined in the light of the employment law applicable in the country. Whatever the employee’s circumstances, we obtain the necessary documents and all that you will have to do is sign the form.

  • Residence entitlement : There are several types of residence authorisations, dependent on the receiving country and the profile of the employee. We obtain all types of residence permits for employees and their families.

We also offer local registrations, exchange of driving licences, social security registration, vehicle registration, etc. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.
It is vital that the employee and his or her family are protected.
Our team of experts will advise you on a number of points :
  • social protection mechanisms in the receiving country
  • insurance
  • assistance
  • universal protection

The employee and his or her family can benefit from social security throughout their stay in France or abroad.
The challenges of the tax system are a key issue when managing transfers.
That is why we assist the company and its employee in :
  • determining the employee’s tax status
  • the mandatory tax arrangements to be put in place
  • preparation of the income statement for a person who is non-resident for tax purposes
  • income tax solutions and ways to avoid double taxation

Our expertise allows us to offer a full tax optimisation package for every employee and his or her family.

Our services are available in France and in many other countries.