Finding and choosing accommodation remotely is not easy. That is why See and Moove works alongside the employee and his or her family throughout the process of settling into a new town or a new country. See and Moove guarantees the successful onboarding of the employee and his or her family by helping them to settle into their new home.

We offer you solutions* to make this personal and professional success possible :

  • Identification of the employee’s needs and information-gathering,
  • Advice on the local property market,
  • Creation of a rental file,
  • Search for accommodation meeting the employee’s stated criteria,
  • Joint visits,
  • Search for the best removal company rates and arrangements for the house move,
  • Search for the best home insurance rates,
  • Representation or support at the signing of the lease,
  • Representation or support at the check-in inventory,
  • Preparation of the accommodation (switching on water, electricity and gas meters),
  • help line for two months after moving in.

* These services may be covered by Mobili Pass (a French relocation assistance programme), dependent on certain eligibility criteria.

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