I have been transferred at short notice and can’t travel to find accommodation. Can you help me?
We carry out visits and send you a report with supporting photographs for each visit, so you can make your choice at your leisure.
I need to assign one of my employees to Germany. What is the administrative procedure that I need to follow?
Every citizen of the European Union has the right to work in another member state if he or she has a valid identity card or passport. The employee can be signed up to German social security. We take care of everything.
I am returning from an assignment abroad and am looking for accommodation in France. Will your services be paid for by the 1% housing scheme?
You are eligible for Mobili Pass if you meet the criteria.
I need to assign an employee outside the EEC. What are the formalities?
The first step is to select the appropriate type of visa for the employee’s status, as the process varies according to status. We take care of collecting the necessary documents from you and putting together the visa application. We will also deal with the work permit, residence permit and other registrations with the local authorities.
I want to help one of my employees who has just joined our company. What service do you provide?
Our services range from looking for accommodation for your employee to organising his or her house move and registering his or her children in a new school. We adapt our approach and offer personalised solutions to each employee, because every case is different.
What does the Mobili-Pass do?
The Mobili Pass pays for our services, subject to certain eligibility criteria.
How can I track an assignment that I have given you in real time?
You will be able to track your assignment step by step via our intranet on our internet site.