Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MOBILI-PASS subsidy?

MOBILI-PASS® is a subsidy granted to someone to help with their relocation due to a new job, a new position within their company or due to a training course within the scope of a Redundancy Plan. This subsidy aims at covering the costs of the assistance in finding a rental home such as the one offered by See & Move.

I am an employee/an apprentice, will your service cost me anything?

Our service will not cost you anything. Our expenses are covered via the MOBILI-PASS® subsidy from Action Logement, which you are entitled to (depending on your circumstances) through your employer.

Will I receive money from Action Logement when I subscribe to your services?

No. The MOBILI-PASS® subsidy is exclusively paid to a relocation services company such as ours.

As an employer, will your services be charged to me?

Our services are covered by the MOBILI-PASS® subsidy from Action Logement. Eligible employers do not pay us anything for the services we provide their employees. We complete the application to Action Logement ourselves to be paid for our services.

I am an employer who does not pay the 1% housing help, will my employees be eligible to your services?

In France, only companies of more than 50 employees must pay the 1% housing help. However, companies in the private sector (except for agriculture) of 10 employees or more are eligible to MOBILI-PASS, and thus to our services.

What deadline do I have to subscribe to your services via MOBILI-PASS?

We can send the MOBILI-PASS application to Action Logement 3 months before your hiring/job, and up to 6 months after (discounting for any probation period).

What documents are required for the MOBILI-PASS application?

  • Copy of a valid national ID card, passport or residency card (for each beneficiary)

  • Copy of the French family records or equivalent foreign document (if children are part of the household being relocated)

  • Copy of the full lease agreement signed in the destination city

  • Copy of proof of residency from the departure location of less than 3 months (electricity, gas, phone bill…)

  • Copy of your last tax assessment (or a document stating you did not need to pay taxes)

  • Copy of your employment contract and relocation addendum;

    Or, a declaration by the employer detailing the move from the original to the new city, formally mentioning the destination city and the starting date (form attached or a similar document);
    Or, a hiring declaration by the new employer, mentioning formally the city and date of hiring (form attached or similar document);
    Or, proof of the location and start date of the training course within a Redundancy Plan (employment contract…)

Can we apply to the MOBILI-PASS more than once?

Yes. This subsidy can be granted to the same household every 2 years in the case of a relocation or a new hiring.

Can I use your service if I am in France with a foreign employment contract?

In order to use our services for free, the beneficiary must have a French employment contract.

Can I use your help if I have a French employment contract abroad?

No. The lease must be for a property in France.

What documents do I need for a rent application?

Here is a list of the most commonly requested documents for rent applications:

  • Your last 2 tax assessment or the tax assessments of the parent you depended on.
  • Your employment contract and its relocation addendum.
  • Your ID and the ID of all the people mentioned on your tax assessment.
  • Your last 3 rental slips or your last housing tax document.
  • Proof of address (ess than 2 months old) in your name (electricity, gas, phone bill…) or a declaration by the person housing you.
  • ID and tax documents of your guarantor.

I do not have a guarantor, is that an issue?

If you are no longer within the probation period of your contract, you do not need a guarantor. If you are, then we strongly encourage you to find a guarantor (someone with a permanent employment contract or pension, with an income over 3 times the amount of your rent).If you have no-one who can fill that role, you can apply to VISALE on the website

Do I need to travel to visit accommodation?

We can adapt the types of visits to your availabilities (full day, lunchtime visits, end of the day visits), we always accompany you during visits. If you cannot travel to visit, we can video-call you and send you pictures/films for you to visit and choose from remotely.

Does See & Moove own housing that I will be offered?

We are not an estate agency, we do not rent accomodation.

Do you only offer places available through agencies?

We work across the whole housing market, including private landlords who rent directly.

How is the maximum rent I can pay calculated?

Usually, landlords ask that you earn at least 3 times the cost of the rent.

How are estate agency fees calculated?

The estate agency fees depend on the size of the accomodation and cannot exceed €13/m2.

How is the deposit calculated?

If the accommodation is unfurnished, the deposit is equal to a month’s rent without utilities. If the housing is furnished, it can go up to 2 months’ rent without utilities.
The deposit is cashed when you move in the accommodation.

Who will pay the estate agent fees and the deposit?

You will have to cover the estate agent fees and the deposit.

How long will you take to find me accomodation?

If you tell us what you are looking for and forward us all the required documents, we can find you accomodation rapidly. We cannot shorten the delays caused by estate agents and landlords examining your application. Some cities have a more competitive housing market than others and your applications might not always be retained, which may cause further delays.

Can I look for housing myself?

If you wish to subscribe to our services, you should ideally leave us manage your house search for you, based on your input and criteria of choice. Our job is to save you time and select relevant accommodation options.

Can you help me move into shared accomodation?

We can help you move into a new place with friends, but not join an existing shared accomodation.

Will you be there during the check-in and check-out inventories?

We will be there during the check-in inventory. However, once you move into your new accommodation, the estate agent or landlord will take over the management of your accommodation.