Are you an employer looking to recruit foreign employees?

As an expert in foreign employees’ working rights, See & Moove reviews each application and sets up the right procedure for your future employee and their family.

Introduction of foreign workers:

we establish the procedure to be put in place based on the employee’s profile and we offer our support until the employee receives their residence permit.

Change of status

Your foreign applicant (from outside the European Economic Area) is already a resident in France.

See & Moove helps you compile the documentation and supports you throughout the whole procedure until you receive your new residence permit.

Related services

  • We can accompany you to the prefecture to hand over any files or collect any kind of residence documents (Residence permit, Visa, receipt, etc.).
  • We can help with the procedure to exchange your driving licence.
  • We can register your future employee and their family with the CPAM (state health insurance fund).


We also support international companies in facilitating the mobility of their employees across the globe:

  • Support in obtaining a Visa and work permit for your employee and their family members.
  • Support in finding accommodation.
  • Assistance in settling into their new city.
  • Coordination of international moves.

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